Terra Gives

Supporting Orphanages

For the past few years, we endeavor to put smiles on faces of some children in orphanages around the country. In 2021, we hosted over 200 kids and their parents to our annual Christmas party, had fun with them and also shared gifts and home items. In the future, we will be having similar events in every community we develop our projects.

Resource Center for the Blind

The Resource Center for the Blind (RCB), is a project of the Jubrila Ayinla Foundation that focuses on providing access to community-based services and the empowerment of the less privileged. They provide succor and hope (Rehabilitation and Training) to persons with visual impairments to enable them maximize their full potential. RCB aims for a society where all visually impaired persons are protected and cared for; provided with equal and inclusive opportunities to live a fulfilled life.

Halal Children's Home

An islamic oriented children’s home to rehabilitate and integrate orphaned and vulnerable children back into the society. We help sponsor their programs and events to ensure the children develop fully in preparation for a new home. They have opened orphanages in Abuja, Kaduna and recently in Lagos.

Catholic Sisters United In Christ

Catholic Sisters United in Christ (CSU) is a society created to provide for the welfare of indigent widows in several communities. Established over 20 years ago, we assist the society in achieving its objectives of providing educational support, business and employment support through seminars and workshops. We also ensure they put smiles on faces widows and their families during the festive seasons.